LG TV Not Connecting To WiFi?

LG TV Not Connecting To WiFi: Best Fast 8 Fixes!

Troubleshooting Guide: LG TV Not Connecting To WiFi

In the modern age of smart technology, our televisions have evolved beyond just broadcast channels. Smart TVs like LG bring a world of online streaming, apps, and interactive content to your living room.

However, these advances also bring challenges, and one common frustration is having trouble connecting your LG TV to a WiFi network. In this comprehensive troubleshooting guide, we dig into common reasons (LG TV Not Connecting To WiFi) and provide step-by-step solutions to ensure your LG TV stays connected seamlessly

The Importance of a Stable WiFi Connection for LG TVs

Before diving into troubleshooting, it’s essential to understand the crucial role a stable WiFi connection plays in your LG TV’s performance. A robust WiFi connection ensures smooth streaming of high-definition content, fast app downloads, and timely firmware updates.

Without it, the smart TV experience can quickly become a source of frustration, as buffering issues, slow app load times, and even software glitches can interfere with your entertainment.

Common Reasons Of (LG TV Not Connecting To WiFi)

  • Weak WiFi Signal: Distance from the router and physical obstacles can weaken the WiFi signal, leading to intermittent or failed connections.
  • Incorrect WiFi Password: Sometimes, the solution is simpler than it seems. Double-check the WiFi password you’re entering on your LG TV. A single typo or misunderstanding can prevent your TV from connecting to the network.
  • Firmware or Software Updates: Outdated firmware or software on your LG TV can cause compatibility issues that hinder WiFi connectivity. Regularly updating your TV’s software is essential to ensure best performance and compatibility with the latest network standards.
  • Network Congestion: When numerous devices are connected to the same WiFi network, congestion can occur and affect the connection stability of your LG TV.
  • Timezone Setting: The timezone setting on your TV may be the cause of the problem. If the date and time are incorrect, the TV cannot connect to Wi-Fi.
  • Simple Glitch: A simple glitch can cause “LG TV Not Connecting To WiFi”. For common bugs, it’s best to wait a few minutes for the problem to be resolved. If nothing has changed, you should call customer support.

Let’s Resolve: LG TV Not Connecting to Wi-Fi

Whether the problem is caused by your LG TV or your router, here are some steps you can take to troubleshoot a poor internet connection on your TV.

1: Checking WiFi Signal Strength

Start by assessing the WiFi signal strength where your LG TV is located. If your signal is weak, consider the following options because weak signal strength can also lead to the issue of an “LG TV not connecting to WiFi.”

  • Move your TV closer to your router: If possible, move your TV closer to your router. Proximity to the source greatly improves signal strength.
  • Use a WiFi Extender or Booster: A WiFi extender or booster can help amplify your signal’s reach, ensuring you receive a strong connection even in remote areas of your home.

You can check if your TV or router is causing the problem by looking at your other gadgets. If your phone and computer can use the internet, but your smart TV does not, the problem is with your TV. However, if none of your devices come online, the problem is your router or modem.

2: Reboot And Unplug Everything

No matter how generic this step sounds, most of the time it does the trick. You can start by turning off your smart TV. Wait a minute or two, then turn the power back on.

If you turn it on and notice that you are not connected to the internet, restart your router as well. While you’re there, unplug your router and modem. Wait a few minutes and try connecting again. If you still have no internet, unplug the TV as well.

You can also hard reset your modem and router. If you are unfamiliar with this process, you can find instructions in your modem/router’s owner’s manual. After hard resetting your modem and router, you’ll need to set up your Wi-Fi settings again and reconnect all your devices to the internet.

3: Date And Time Setting

If your TV’s time zone is incorrect, your LG TV may not be able to connect to Wi-Fi. You can easily change your LG TV’s time and date settings. The method is as follows.

Lg tv not connecting to wifi, setting
Open the settings menu: Use your TV remote to navigate to the settings menu. This may be indicated by a gear or wrench icon.
How To Fix an LG TV Not Connecting to Wi-Fi
Click on “All Settings”
Date and time: LG TV Not Connecting to Wi-Fi
Look for a section called “Date and time,” “Time,” or “Clock.” Make adjustments here.
Auto date Time LG TV
Adjust the time: You may see options to change the time manually or automatically. Selecting Automatic will synchronize the time on your TV with the Internet. If you prefer a manual, you can use the remote to set the time.

Adjust the date: Like the time, you have the option to set the date manually or automatically. Again, you can use the remote to select the correct date.

Save Changes: After making any adjustments, be sure to save your changes. This may include pressing the “Save” button or simply exiting the settings menu. Note, these steps may vary slightly depending on your LG TV model and software version. If you’re unsure, you can refer to your TV’s user manual for more detailed instructions.

4: Factory Reset LG TV

Still, If LG TV Not Connecting To Wifi, you need to reset your LG TV settings to their default values by following these steps:

Reset With Remote:

Access the settings menu:

How To Fix an LG TV Not Connecting to Wi-Fi
Use your TV remote to navigate to the settings menu. A gear or wrench icon usually indicates this.

Locate the Reset or Initialize section:

Reset LG TV
There is a option ” Reset To Initial Settings.

Select Reset all settings or Factory reset:

Reset LG tv
You may be asked to confirm the reset. This is an important step because the reset will erase all custom settings and return your TV to its original factory state.

Enter PIN (if required):Some TVs may require you to enter a PIN to prevent accidental resets. If you have set a PIN before, enter it to continue.

Wait for TV to reset: The TV will go through the reset process. This may take several minutes. When the reset is complete, TV will restart.

Set up your TV again: After resetting, you’ll need to go through the initial setup process just like when you first got your TV. This includes choosing your language, connecting to Wi-Fi, and signing into your account.

Please note: Performing a factory reset will delete all personalized settings, installed apps and saved settings. Use this option only if you're having serious problems with your TV's performance, or if you want to start over. If you are unsure of the process, we recommend that you refer to your TV's user manual or contact LG Customer Support for guidance.

Reset Without Remote:

1Turn on the TV.
2Hold the Power Button for 10 seconds.
3Click the Option “Menu”
4Scroll until you locate All Settings and then click it.
5Choose the General option.
6Select Reset to Initial Settings.

5: Disable QuickStart Feature

LG TV’s Quick Start feature allows your TV to start up faster by putting it into semi-standby mode. If you want to disable this feature, do the following:

1Access the settings menu: Use your TV remote to navigate to the settings menu. This is often indicated by a gear or wrench icon.
2Find the “General”: Look for a section named “General”, “All Settings”, etc. There are various system-wide settings here.
3Find Quick Start Settings: Within the settings options, search for settings related to “Quick Start”, “Quick Boot”, or “Instant Start”. This is the setting to disable.
4Turn off Quick Start: Depending on your TV model and software version, you may be able to turn off the Quick Start feature directly from the menu. Using your remote control, select this option to turn it off.
5Save changes: Be sure to save your changes after turning off the quickstart. This may involve pressing a Save or Apply button, or may automatically save your changes when you return.
6Restart your TV: We recommend restarting your TV for the changes to take effect. To do this, turn it off and then back on.

Menu option names may be vary depending on TV model and software version. If you can’t find the Quick Start Settings, please refer to your TV’s user manual or visit LG’s official support resources for specific instructions for your TV model.

6: Firmware Update

update: LG TV Not Connecting to Wi-Fi

Make sure your LG TV’s firmware and software are up to date. Outdated software can cause compatibility issues with WiFi networks. And it will lead to the issue “LG TV not connecting to WiFi” To update, follow these steps:

1Press the Gear icon on your remote:
Locate the Gear icon on your remote and press it.
2Select Settings then All Settings:
Navigate to the Settings option, then choose All Settings.
3Choose General then About this TV:
Within the settings, select General, then navigate to About this TV.
4Ensure Automatic Updates is on:
Make sure that the option for Automatic Updates is enabled.
5Manually check for any updates while you’re there:
While in the About this TV section, manually initiate a check for updates.

7: Dealing with network congestion

Consider the following actions to deal with network congestion and ensure a smoother connection for your LG TV.

Disconnect Unnecessary Devices: If you have multiple devices connected to your WiFi network, disconnect unused devices. This frees up bandwidth for your TV needs.

Adjust streaming quality settings: Within streaming apps, you often have the option to adjust the streaming quality. Temporarily lowering the quality reduces strain on the network and improves overall connectivity.

8: Restart router and TV

Restarting your router and LG TV can help clear temporary glitches that may affect your WiFi connection.

Power cycle your router: Unplug your router, wait around 30 seconds, and plug it back. Wait for the router to completely reboot.

Restart your LG TV: Use your TV remote to turn it off and unplug it from the power source. Wait for a while, then plug it back in and power it back on.

Other tips and considerations

If the previous troubleshooting steps do not resolve the issue of “LG TV not connecting to WiFi,” Please consider these additional solutions.

Utilize an Ethernet Cable Connection: If other methods prove ineffective, you might want to opt for an Ethernet cable to create a wired link between your LG TV and your router. Wired connections are known for their enhanced stability and dependability.

Contact LG Customer Support: If the troubleshooting does not yield any results, feel free to contact LG Customer Support. We can provide specific guidance for your TV model and network setup.

Seek Professional Help: On rare occasions, a technical issue may require the expertise of a professional technician, especially if a hardware issue is suspected. Seeking professional help is a wise decision if you have exhausted all options.


The main Issue was “LG TV Not Connecting To Wifi”, and achieving a seamless WiFi connection on your LG TV requires a combination of troubleshooting, staying up to date, and optimizing network conditions. By understanding the common reasons for WiFi connection issues and following the step-by-step solutions provided in this guide, you can ensure that your LG TV stays connected to your WiFi network.

With these strategies in place, you can fully enjoy the world of online streaming, apps and interactive content offered by your LG smart TV, enhancing your entertainment experience and making those movie nights truly unforgettable.

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